Bringing fantasy into Reality

Tawsingham is not a place; it’s a concept where you may be whatever you want to be – if you can take the consequences*!

Choose your gender, role, social station: to be free, or ‘in service’, in ‘bonded service’ or owned as a slave, consensually.

Be a Master or Mistress of your household, have a place in someone else’s, live in a Workhouse or similar facility.

You can even choose your species; it is possible to be a human pony, puppy, kitty, piggy, cow, other pet, domestic or wild animal.

It is real, and has, existed several times in the real world, for days at a time, and involved dozens of people. It works very well indeed.

Many aspects of it are also present in books we publish, written by folk who’ve been to Tawsingham or other such place.

So they can offer views of alternate realities, from direct personal experience.

The public and private power-relationships and disciplinary regimes etc. are modelled on societies in our past.

Particularly those of feudal times, through to Victorian, but private aspects will vary substantially between households.

However we discard the ignorance, bigotry, chauvinism based on gender, race, or similar; the dirt, disease and other evils of the real original of past societies.

We tried to create a home for it in a specific location in West Wales; that ended in 2014 in unfortunate circumstances. We’ll still use that site, but not develop it further.

Instead we will hire or rent other venues, in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, as appropriate for the form the household or community takes at the time.

(*So long as it is not illegal, and does not seriously threaten your health, wealth or public reputation – or that of others!)