I can see people easily getting the wrong idea about me/us, and assuming I’m some sort of authoritarian dinosaur, so let’s put my own personal philosophy here.

I am a thoroughly liberal, understanding sort of person, tolerant of every point of view, who appreciates freedom of speech and assembly, fairness and justice for all, equality under the law and generally, life in a modern 21st century British liberal democracy.

I’m an atheist, humanist, secularist, liberal, democrat (not necessarily a Liberal Democrat) who believes that all of us, of whatever gender and orientation they are, should be free to live their life as they choose, free of prejudice and arbitrary limits.

I believe in free expression and all those good things in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Declaration_…

My key principle, that I’ve seen hold true in my career as an engineer, politician, father and in the kink scene, that I bring to this scene, is that things go well when: authority is tied to responsibility.

It works right if someone has enough authority to meet their responsibilities, goes wrong when folk have power without responsibility (are a tyrant), or responsibility without authority (are a martyr).

At the same time, I believe that just as everyone should have the power to emancipate and empower themselves, they should have an opportunity to choose slavery on a consensual temporary basis.